Trilogy of the Mythological

Olympians on Earth

Setting: Greece, 11th century BC

Septemundos World: Graecus

Three thousand years ago, Greece was plunged into an age of darkness, whose history has long been lost – until now. This narrative reveals the truth behind this dark spot, that a being at one with the air itself sought to unravel the world he was created to protect. A story concerning the rise of a young warrior foretold by prophecy to defeat this threat, Olympians on Earth uncovers the untold nature of the Greek gods and the reason behind their disappearance.

The World of Helix

Setting: Wilderness of alternate dimension, 11th-12th century AD

Septemundos World: Tribus

Far out in the wild lands of the planet Helix, territorial warfare is in full swing. Accosted from all sides by hostile tribes, a more peaceful group must become the dominant power of the region if they are to survive. This narrative focuses on the inner conflict between the primal impulses of humanity and its learned qualities of bravery, selflessness, and grit. At the same time, the Earthlike history and mythology of The World of Helix implicitly raise questions as to the world's connectivity to ours.


Setting: Alternate dimension, 20th century AD

Septemundos World: Incorporeus

Ripped from Earth into a world unknown, three teens are tasked by a group of "guardians" with stopping a mysterious force from unraveling the very materials that make up the realm. An examination of the idea of the greater good, this narrative also examines the selfish motivations that drive beings to heinous acts. A lighter story of friendship and overcoming odds, Algalarth explores yet another world and suggests the existence not only of a multi-dimension universe, but the possibility of travel between these dimensions.

Trilogy of the Technological

Foes Gathering – Heroes Rallying

Setting: American Northeast, near-future

Septemundos World: Heroicus

When a freak solar flare strikes Earth and energizes an experimental alloy, dozens of people in its vicinity are granted ocular abilities of unimaginable potential. This narrative explores the relationships between these individuals and the various authorities they represent, as well as their quick division into those who use their gifts for good and those who would use them for personal and corporate gain. A battle-driven story about the corruption of power, Foes Gathering – Heroes Rallying makes the most direct reference to the multi-universe in its explanation behind the characters' abilities.

Strike Force 9

Setting: Space, early 22nd century AD

Septemundos World: Stellatus

The sudden appearance of "diamonds" in the upper atmosphere that begin to terraform the planet without warning throws the world into a panic. Wholly unprepared for a threat from the sky as well as deeply divided, the human race must not only match the strength of its alien enemy but come together at last to defend the Earth from imminent destruction. Centered around one of several fleets assembled to counter the invaders, Strike Force 9 tells a story of unexpected unity and innovation borne out of necessity. The origins of the aliens also probe deeper into the multiverse question.

The Global Wars

Setting: Antarctica, mid-22nd century AD

Septemundos World: Tyrannicus

One of the world's former leaders in freedom and democracy has long folded into a corrupt society with no tolerance for diversity of thought nor expression of self. Desperate to escape this fallen nation and its machinations for world domination, a group of renegades sets off for the politically neutral collection of settlements on the continent of Antarctica. A story grounded in questionable policies of contemporary society, The Global Wars presents a bleak future challenged by free-thinking individuals' determination to brighten it.

Answers Unveiled

The 27 Dimensions

Setting: Alternate dimensions, 23rd century AD

Septemundos World: Ignotus

At long last, the people of Earth unlock the mysteries of the multi-dimensional universe mechanism, opening up over two dozen worlds for exploration. In this narrative, a newly unified planet sets off on an unparalleled period of discovery and technological expansion. A large-scale story of knowledge and the very meaning of science, The 27 Dimensions ties together all previous tales and answers the ultimate questions of who we are and how we got here.