I'm a composer who specializes in programmatic orchestral music. While my pieces can stand on their own, their emphasis on mood and reliance on narrative makes my style especially suitable for media scoring and other collaborative ventures.

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In my ten+ years of composing, I have explored a wide variety of styles and techniques. My ever-growing body of works is primarily orchestral in instrumentation but extends into other ensemble sizes and types as well.

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I have had fantastic opportunities to work with all kinds of talented creators. Whether these collaborations were paid, paying, or voluntary, each experience has garnered wonderful memories and valuable personal and professional growth.

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Please direct all collaborative and licensing inquiries to: contact@timothy-schmidt.com 

Latest Work

Day Trip (2023)

Score Preview

Duration: ca. 2 minutes

Instrumentation: Flute, Marimba, Guitar, Strings

Inspired by a recent day trip to Oklahoma's Red Rock Canyon, this piece tells the tale of a short excursion to a small-scale tourism spot. With likewise light mood and low stakes, the chamber orchestra bounces its way to a more lyrical middle section before returning from whence it came in similar fashion. Anyone who's ever spontaneously whisked off to a tranquil nature spot can probably relate!

Dedicated to my mother.

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